Prevailing Wage Determination Cover Letter

Determination Date:12/09/2023
Expiration Date:03/09/2024


Section 4115.05 provides, in part: “Where contracts are not awarded or construction undertaken within ninety days from the date of the establishment of the prevailing wages, there shall be a redetermination of the prevailing rate of wages before the contract is awarded.” The expiration date of this wage schedule is listed above for your convenience only. This wage determination is not intended as a blanket determination to be used for all projects during this period without prior approval of this Department.

Section 4115.04, Ohio Revised Code provides, in part: “Such schedule of wages shall be attached to and made a part of the specifications for the work, and shall be printed on the bidding blanks where the work is done by contract...”

The contract between the letting authority and the successful bidder shall contain a statement requiring that mechanics and laborers be paid a prevailing rate of wage as required in Section 4115.06, Ohio Revised Code.

The contractor or subcontractor is required to file with the contracting public authority upon completion of the project and prior to final payment therefore an affidavit stating that he has fully complied with Chapter 4115 of the Ohio Revised Code.

The wage rates contained in this schedule are the “Prevailing Wages” as defined by Section 4115.03, Ohio Revised Code (the basic hourly rates plus certain fringe benefits). These rates and fringes shall be a minimum to be paid under a contract regulated by Chapter 4115 of the Ohio Revised Code by contractors and subcontractors. The prevailing wage rates contained in this schedule include the effective dates and wage rates currently on file. In cases where future effective dates are not included in this schedule, modifications to the wage schedule will be furnished to the Prevailing Wage Coordinator appointed by the public authority as soon as prevailing wage rates increases are received by this office.

“There shall be posted in a prominent and accessible place on the site of work a legible statement of the Schedule of Wage Rates specified in the contract to the various classifications of laborers, workmen, and mechanics employed, said statement to remain posted during the life of such contract.” Section 4115.07, Ohio Revised Code.

Apprentices will be permitted to work only under a bona fide apprenticeship program if such program exists and if such program is registered with the Ohio Apprenticeship Council.

Section 4115.071 provides that no later than ten days before the first payment of wages is due to any employee of any contractor or subcontractor working on a contract regulated by Chapter 4115, Ohio Revised Code, the contracting public authority shall appoint one of his own employees to act as the prevailing wage coordinator for said contract. The duties of the prevailing wage coordinator are outlined in Section 4115.071 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Section 4115.05 provides for an escalator in the prevailing wage rate. Each time a new rate is established, that rate is required to be paid on all ongoing public improvement projects.

A further requirement of Section 4115.05 of the Ohio Revised Code is: “On the occasion of the first pay date under a contract, the contractor shall furnish each employee not covered by a collective bargaining agreement or understanding between employers and bona fide organizations of Labor with individual written notification of the job classification to which the employee is assigned, the prevailing wage determined to be applicable to that classification, separated into the hourly rate of pay and the fringe payments, and the identity of the prevailing wage Coordinator appointed by the public authority. The contractor or subcontractor shall furnish the same notification to each affected employee every time the job classification of the employee is changed.”

Work performed in connection with the installation of modular furniture may be subject to prevailing wage.

THIS PACKET IS NOT TO BE SEPARATED BUT IS TO REMAIN COMPLETE AS IT IS SUBMITTED TO YOU. (Reference guidelines and forms are included in this packet to be helpful in the compliance of the Prevailing Wage law.)