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Prevailing Wage Rates
Step 1. Public Authority Information
If you have previously requested wage rates please find the name of your organization in the list. If you can not find your name in the list enter your organization or individual name in the "Name" field. Select what type of user you are.

Existing Owner/Public
Authority Name:
- or -
New Owner/Public
Authority Name:

Type of User:

Step 2. Project Information
Please use the small drop down arrow to find your project. If not found, please enter it in the "New Project Name" line. If you do not know what project to select or enter, type in "project unknown". Enter the following Mandatory information: your Name, a Password that you will remember, and a valid e-mail address.
Note: If you do not enter a valid email address, you will not be able to login the next time you visit our site.

Existing Project Name:
- or -
New Project Name:

Prevailing Wage Coordinator or Your Information
Your Name: (required)
Your E-Mail: (required - valid email address)
Password: (required)

Step 3. Prevailing Wage Rates Agreement
If all information is correct and you are a legitimate user of prevailing wage rate information, then click "I Agree". You will then have access rights for viewing wage rates for the current browser session. If information is not correct please click: "Start Over".

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